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St. John Catholic School opened its doors for the first time in September of 1958. Mary Phelan was the school's first principal.

The original site had four classrooms and approximately 100 students.

By 1960, the school had expanded to eight class-rooms. During the 1964-65 school year, the gymnasium and eight additional classrooms were added to complete what are now the primary and junior hallways of the school. 1969-1970 saw the addition of a kindergarten and primary wing, which had an open concept design. Our junior and senior kindergarten classes are still located in this area and it is also home to our intermediate division and library.

In September of 1974, Ken MacKenzie became principal at St. John and remained in that position until George Kron arrived in 1986. Mr. Kron served as principal until his retirement in 1992, at which point St. John welcomed back Mr. MacKenzie for a short period of time. Mrs. Hayter assumed her role as principal in March of 1993.