St. John CS in Guelph and Holy Trinity CS Join Together for Social Justice Day in Support of the Royal City Mission

Grade 3 and 4 students from St. John CS in Guelph, along with grade 8 Social Justice Club members from Holy Trinity CS prepared 150 care packages for individuals experiencing homelessness in Guelph. 

Students from Holy Trinity ventured over to St. John CS in Guelph this week, where they packaged knitted clothing, donated items, snacks and homemade cards destined for the Royal City Mission.

Since September, St. John's students have been learning to knit hats and scarves and with support from their school community, preparing over 200 items.

In addition to the goods donated, St. John CS ran a Social Justice bake sale that raised funds to cover a pasta dinner being served by students and staff members at Royal City Mission along with their baked goods!



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Students from St. John and Holy Trinity Catholic school are donating 150 care packages and enough food to feed 150 people at Royal City Mission this week:\