Asking PARENTS to "physically distance and wear a mask" during Drop-off and Pick-up

Good day Wildcat Families
First off, we are so proud of our staff and students and their efforts to learn, practice and follow-through on all the routines and safety habits that keep us and your families safe.  We keep reminding students how important we stay consistent on this, not to create fear, but to encourage them that together, we can exercise control and do our part to combat this challenge.
Another positive is that we've noticed so many students and parents walking to school or picking up at school.  However, because we have so many families on campus, our concern is the congregation of so many people.  So we are asking for your TOTAL SUPPORT in the following 2 ways;
#1  Please "spread out and physically distance" yourself from others.  Dr. Mercer has advised that congregating is one of the highest risk factors.  For younger students in Kindergarten to Grade 3, as long as you are within eye shot of the teacher we can release the children to you.  For students in Grade's 4-8, the teachers just release them and you can decide with your child on a safe meeting place.
#2  When physical distancing is a challenge, the importance of "wearing a mask" is extremely important and helps compensate for everyone's safety.  SO PLEASE WEAR A MASK, it is good modelling for young people as well.
Thanks again everyone, your children and our staff are working really hard, we can't be more impressed with their collaboration, maturity and understanding.  We need everyone on board with us :)
Be safe everyone!