Class Lists for "In-school Students" 2020-2021

Dear Wildcat Families
Welcome back to 2020-2021...
As promised, please find attached in PDF format, Class Lists for those students returning for "in-school" instruction.  For confidentiality reasons, we are only able to post lists by OEN #.  This number can be found on a previous report card.
Following this process, our staff have been invited to reach out by email to all families.  The goal of this would be to introduce themselves, let you know of any materials you can bring to support your child(ren)'s learning, remind you of your staggered entry dates and any other information pertinent to their classroom or grade level.
Those families who have chosen "virtual/remote learning" for their children, will be contacted by an educator from the Virtual School.  Please be patient, they are still working through this.
Remember, that families may choose to switch their child(ren) to "virtual" learning from conventional, or vice-versa, but only at cross-over dates specified by the board.  Please visit for more information and F.A.Q.'s on this.
A few of our staff have changed or we have LTO's (Long Term Occasionals) covering, so please note that when perusing these lists;
JK/SK - Ms. Belisle/Ms. Morris (ECE)
JK/SK - Ms. Gemin/Ms. Zardo (ECE)
JK/SK - Ms. Mendyk/Ms. Melnick (ECE) *(LTO's for Ms. Solda & Ms. Wagner (ECE)
Grade 1 - Ms. MacIver
Grade 1 - Ms. Manfini
Grade 2 - Ms. Mackintosh
Grade 2/3 combined - Ms. Navarra
Grade 3 - Ms. Matos-Rodgers *(LTO for Ms. Girgis-Tweedle)
Grade 3/4 combined - Ms. Drummond
Grade 4 - Ms. Steinhoff
Grade 4/5 combined - Ms. Walkey
Grade 5 - Mr. Occhiuto
Grade 6 - Ms. O'Connor
Grade 6 - Ms. McAlpine
Grade 7 - Ms. Del Duca
Grade 7 - Ms. Artuso-Jacobi
Grade 8 - Mrs. Gibson
Grade 8 - Ms. Skowron *(LTO for Ms. McLeod)
French Teachers - Ms. Verdone & Ms. Weber
Planning Teachers - Mr. De Burger, Ms. Giovinazzo & Ms. Del Rosario
Look for more info coming out with welcome videos from our staff, staggered date reminders and more.
Monday, September 7th is a holiday, but our office will reopen Tuesday, September 8th should you need to call us.  
Staggered entry dates begin Thursday, September 10th, please visit for these dates and more.
Take care Wildcats! 
Can't wait to see you all!  

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